Engraving Gift – Chinese Warrior Lamp

Two of the best ways to provide great customer service is to get to know the customer and to focus on relationships. Being friendly is also part of the equation.

If you noticed that a potential customer has a special liking for a certain subject, trying to steer your conversation towards that topic might give you stronger leads for a good bonding relationship.

By paying close attention to the customer’s liking or preferences, you might discover something very special and unique that he/she likes and by fulfilling his/her wish, you might even land yourself a bigger contract for whatever you are selling.

I know of a case when the customer had a strong liking for a Chinese warrior figure, strong and fearless. The insurance salesperson presented him with a gift of such a particular warrior figure, engraved in 2.5D on acrylic, lit at the bottom as a lamp, and was promptly rewarded with a contract sale. Of course, prior to this a lot of other sales preparation was done to make the sales successful, there’s no doubt about it.

But everyone likes to receive a gift. Somehow the recipient feels obliged to return the favor. Perhaps you might consider giving out gifts as one of your sales strategies.

2.5D Edge-Lit Lamp of a Chinese Warrior
2.5D Edge-Lit Lamp of a Chinese Warrior

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