The 2.5D Divine Mercy acrylic lamp is the best selling item that I have created. It is very satisfying and has been a constant joy to me as an artist to know that so many people are discovering the devotion to the Divine Mercy through this work of mine.

In addition, I have the satisfaction of knowing that with a little bit of tinkering with electronics and controls, and a little bit of tinkering with computer and digital art, I was able to produce visually appealing Divine Mercy images, engraved on acrylic sheets with lighting effects that was not done before – essentially making them the first in the world!

However, the skills that I have acquired through the whole journey of experimentation, design, setting up, failures, learning, and discovery has also resulted in other products that should be of interest to people who are looking for unique artistic engraving gifts for their dear ones.

Therefore, in these pages, I am also featuring some of my other engraving products so that anyone can contact me for orders.