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Police Road Block

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10 Oct 2008

I was stopped by some policemen who were manning a road block while traveling along the highway. I was nervous even though I was quite sure I was traveling within the speed limit. Maybe I was unlucky and had exceeded the speed limit just at the very moment when the policemen were monitoring the cars.

The policeman asked for my identity card and my driving license. Finding no fault in his notebook, meaning I was not found speeding, he asked me to go. He even joked about my photograph looking like a well known politician.

Then I realized that my driving license was going to expire in just a few days time. The very next day, I went to the Post Office to get it renewed.

This incident made me realize that God had used the policemen to bring my attention to the expiry date of my driving license, otherwise I would have completely forgotten about it.

God is Great!

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