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Movable Bed CNC Machine

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I was now ready to explore what I can do with my new cnc machine.

I happened to have a soft board lying around after I had cut some discs out of it for stopping my x-axis parallel rods from moving. I wanted to cut a design that was more intricate. After all, that was the advantage of using machines over human skill. The soft board would also be large enough to be impressive. Just for experimentation purpose, I copied a design from the internet, for fair use. In order to use it for cutting on my cnc machine, I had to convert it to cutting paths, added in details like tool bit, orientation points, feed rate, plunge rate and converted the design into G-code.

As a cutting tool, I used a 60-degree angled cone-shaped engraving bit. My spindle was already set up to be running at 6000 rpm speed. As usual, I had to identify the home position. After carefully setting the table position and tool position, I started the cut. The result was beautiful.

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