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Encountering the Impossible

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Sometimes we become truly amazed when we walk in the spirit and not by sight, after realizing how the impossible can become possible. We can only respond with wonder.

Recently, my friend related to me her experience, when she was hesitating whether to still make a journey to the “Our Lady of Fatimah” Church despite being very late, and yet she just did it. These were her own words:

“God’s prompting cannot be ignored. I simply have to glorify his name.

I was very late for mass this morning. It was already 10.18 when I got on the bus and I would be very very late for OLF 10.30 mass (I decided instead to go to the 11.30 mass at SFX but I would have to take another bus to go to PJ when I reach KL).

I got on the bus and couldn’t believe the journey was so smooth, the bus reached Brickfields at 10.30!! I got off and could hear singing of the entrance hymn as I was crossing the road to OLF. I was only slightly late.

Isn’t God good? He can multiply loaves. He can also stretch time! He also saved me the inconvenience of going to SFX. To God be all the glory.”

Encounters like these happen all the time. They are very personal and real. They have the power to touch our hearts. Encounters like these are similar to what happened to the Samaritan people of the woman at the well when they said, “We no longer believe because of what you told us; for we have heard for ourselves and we know that this is the Savior of the world.” – John 4,42

Let’s treasure encounters like these.

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